Teen Identity Portraits

Today’s children grow up in a world of “super real” examples of people they compare themselves to. Often these super examples are highly made up, retouched and even exaggerated in photoshop. My goal is to give teens images of themselves that show them how awesome they are…that they can and do look “magazine” ready. It is the same treatment I give high school seniors and aspiring models.

Over the past decade I’ve created or expanded the portfolios of well over 200+ models. I know how to pose and work with young people so that they don’t get all self conscious and awkward. They will have a great time playing the “model” in front of the camera and feel pampered by my people. It’s an event they will brag about to their friends.

Not everyone needs a confidence boost…for many of my clients this is just a fun way of expressing themselves and getting their creativity game on. But you as a parent will always treasure the memories and the amazing photos of your young person.