Are You Representing You at the Highest Level?

You are “You Inc.” Your personal branding and head shots are worth investing time and thought into. Are you a makeup artist, banker, ski instructor, actor, bike shop owner? Do you have or need an internet presence that works for you? Do you need to network and have people connect with you? Maybe you just need a killer dating profile photo? We’ve been there and helped hundreds of people with their personal brand or corporate identity.

The ubiquitous headshot. Everyone needs one but often we don’t take time to consider what subtle messages our head shot is giving. I propose that in your personal branding you cannot be to careful in planning and executing your head shot.

It is not just a simple photo showing who you are. Customers and prospective employers want to get a vibe from you that makes them feel they can trust you and more importantly, that they can relate to you. To simply put a jacket on and make sure your hair isn’t sticking up in the back is not adequate preparation or thought about how you look to a prospect.

My personal branding begins with a consultation in person where we figure out what kind of look will work best for you including hair, makeup, wardrobe, backgrounds, light and airy, somber, traditional, contemporary, etc. It also matters what type of profession you are in, business, solopreneur, personality, etc.

Your head shot is one piece of the personal branding puzzle and we are ready to partner with you in building a brand that your type of people will connect with.

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