Celebrate Your Life for a Lifetime

Getting your pictures done is an act of giving… Let me show you why.

Natisha Hawley Bethers at Blackrock.

You might think getting your own folio session done is selfish but it is not. Celebrating you is first and foremost your responsibility. Celebrating you makes a difference in other people’s lives. When you confidently care for yourself you are giving the world, your partner, your children, siblings, parents, friends and coworkers, and everyone else you come in contact with, a healthier, happier you who has more energy, time, and compassion for those around you. When you care for yourself, your children or others see that you matter and that gives them a sense of pride and of personal well being.

You, the memory of you, is of such high value. I know when I look at the pictures of my mom as she progressed through life my heart is full and I get teary thinking of the woman who raised and loved me. Imagine how your pictures will impact your children. You are important.

This photo of Natisha was taken before she got married. I suspect she and her husband had marriage on their minds then. How wonderful for her future children to look at this image in a future day and say to themselves “That was my mom? Wow!”.

Take care of you……Celebrate you.