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I am a singer and a photographer. As a singer I have sometimes had to dance. But, I am a clutz with two left feet and Ravel only wrote a piano concerto for the left hand, not a ballet for 2 left feet. ;). But I love the expressive qualities of dance. These images are some of my earlier work from 2012. Read more about the shoot after the pics.

At the time Ashley was a junior (if I remember right) and was recovering from back surgery and had a bright pink 15 inch scar down her back and she could not do leaps and jumps yet. To make things worse all her dance friends were out of state doing competitions. So her mom brought her to the studio do do something else fun. She was en pointe and we got several really fun and beautiful images.

We have been friends for 7 years now and I’m so proud of her as she is graduating from High Point University in North Carolina. She is every bit as charming in person as she seems in these images.

I did these 7 years ago in my garage with entry level lights (just two). Imagine what I could do for your dancers today in my beautiful 3,000 square foot professional studio! I would love to create beautiful, memorable images for you and your dancer that can hang on the walls of your home and folio boxes as a keepsake for her.

I always offer a free consultation if you would like, before diving in. Use the contact for below and I’ll get back to you. (I respect your privacy)

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Tom Sparks