Transformation Makeovers

Doing a photo session with a makeup and hair artist is fun and life changing. We see so many “perfect” images all around us, that we often don’t stop to think how awesome we would look with professional hair, makeup, lights, and a little posing help. That's were makeovers rule. You are that supermodel. Let’s look at some beautiful women:


Dakota Makeover

Dakota is a beautiful young woman and I had her come with one day dirty hair and no makeup. Nothing. She was a grave girl to face the camera with naked skin. The makeup and hair time is a wonderful opportunity to get settled and chat with your photographer. It makes working together during the shoot more relaxed and easy.


Brinley Makeover

Brinley is a beautiful aspiring teen model. She lights up any room she is in! She was so easy to work with and I was impressed with how well she followed direction and contributed to the overall success of the shoot. I think she is a perfect example of how a makeover session can transform a young woman’s self image. It is so fun to see their reactions when they see their images and how stunning they truly are.


Brittney Makeover

Brittney is a 44 year old wife and mother and very active with her children and career. Just like with younger people, the transformation of a makeover is fun and brings about stronger understanding of how beautiful one is. You might want to experience a beauty makeover and photoshoot. I put a lot of effort into prepping you for your shoot so the shoot will be carefree, fun, and deliver you some awesome prints and memories.


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