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SLCA Titantic 2012

Special Offer

For Musicians of SLCA

Kelly Lynn-8

Professional Portraiture

"Do one thing every day that scares you."

Glamour Makeover

Shine like the brightest star

Treat Yourself

You are a unique gem in the world.

As a former member of Salt Lake Choral Artists, I invite you to treat yourself to a professional glamour or personal branding session. My team will pamper you and you will love the results! I am offering a free gift to every artist, vocal or instrumental. This includes:

  • The session

  • A double makeover (treat a friend)

  • The reveal

  • $100 to spent on prints

Please fill out the contact form to receive your complimentary voucher. You need to fill out the voucher request by June 30th 2019.

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Address: Where we mail the voucher to